How Can I Get My Kids to Brush Their Teeth?

Tooth brushing is the key to excellent oral health. Humans have two sets of teeth in their whole life. One is called deciduous and the other one is permanent dentition. Deciduous teeth are also called milk teeth. Children have milk teeth till the age of 12. So, it’s very important to make a habit of brushing in your kids because many dental diseases that start in childhood will affect your kids’ later dental health.

Pediatric dentists at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk, CT, and other guidelines suggest that kids brushing should start from 6 months with their parent's help and the brushing by their own hand should initiate from the age of 2 years. It is very difficult to ask their kids to brush their teeth regularly at such a young age. That’s why most parents face rejection from their kid’s side when they ask their kids to brush their teeth. But you don’t need to worry more about your kid’s teeth brushing. We will tell you the simple methods that will get your kids to brush their teeth.

Use Flavored Toothpaste

In the market, many kinds of toothpaste are available under the tag of kids’ toothpaste. You should use that flavored toothpaste for your kids to brush their teeth. Flavored toothpaste helps to lower the fear of your child about the unpleasant flavor of toothpaste.

Use Kids Brushes

Always buy a pediatric toothbrush for your kids to brush their teeth. These brushes are specially designed brushes that have small heads and soft bristles. Kids brushes are also available in the foam of different cartoon characters that will enthuse your child and get your kids to brush their teeth.

Set an example in front of your kids

Kids always follow their parents. If you want, your kids to adopt a habit of tooth brushing. You should brush your teeth in front of your child. You can brush your teeth in some funny ways that will urge your kids to brush their teeth. Your child will also learn the method of brushing by observing your brushing method.

Reward your child

Behavior studies suggest that the deep effect of reward on your kid’s way of learning. You can give your kids some reward after they brush their teeth. That will help to get your kid to brush their teeth.

Play full tooth brushing

It is a new technique that is used to motivate the kids to make a routine of tooth brushing. The LED toothbrush is used that is attached to a screen. It will give the complete image of your child’s mouth. Kids can watch their teeth brushing on the screen. Scientists prove this method an acceptable method to motivate the kids to brush their teeth.

Story Telling

Kids learn very quickly by the stories. You can tell the story to your kids about the benefits of brushing and how the teeth will help them to smile that will definitely get your kids to brush their teeth.

It is indeed a very hectic task for parents to get their kids to brush their teeth. But by these guidelines by Pediatric dentists at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk, CT you can definitely make the routine of brushing in your kids.

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