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Independence Day Dental Tips

Happy 4th of July from everyone at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk CT! As we celebrate our nation’s freedom with parades, picnics, BBQ’s, and fireworks, it’s important to remember not to cut it short when it comes to maintaining good oral health. That’s why we’ve put together the following list of Advanced Dental Center's dental tips to keep your smile as bright as the fireworks while keeping your celebrations as joyful as possible.

* Be Easy On Your Teeth *

This may sound ridiculous, but it happens more than you might think. When the bottle opener suddenly disappears, people resort to crazy tactics, and teeth are often involved. Beer bottle related tooth injuries actually make up a large percentage of BBQ-related dental problems. Avoid it! Also on the list of things-to-not-open-with-your-teeth are bags, packages, and fireworks.

* Avoid Extremely Crunchy Foods *

Many tooth related problems occur over holiday weekends due to eating something crunchy that causes the tooth to break / crack / filling to come out / etc. In an attempt to avoid having a toothache over the long holiday weekend, try to avoid extremely hard foods such as pretzels, nuts, and ice. However, avoiding hard foods does not completely eliminate the possibility of a toothache. If you do experience a toothache over the long weekend, you can go to a local drug store and purchase Ora-gel or temporary filling material (depending on the dental situation) and then contact a dentist as soon as possible.

* Be Safe Outside *

Fourth of July is a common holiday for outdoor activities such as four-wheeling, canoeing / tubing, dirt biking, and swimming. Make sure to protect your teeth when participating in any very physical outdoor activities. Many of these activities have been the cause of dental problems when safety is not stressed.

* Drink Water *

Sodas, juices, and alcoholic beverages are popular at BBQs, so make sure to alternate these drinks with water. This will help keep your teeth clean and the pH normal in your mouth (to avoid decay). As an added bonus, staying hydrated helps avoid hangovers!

Dr. Tal and Elad Yossefi and the staff at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk CT hope that you have a fun, safe, and responsible holiday weekend! Please be considerate of other people as well as your dental health. Brush, floss, and follow our dental tips to help you have a good memorable holiday, and not a bad one.

If you have any questions or have a dental emergency situation, please call our dental office at (203) 364-5084.

We now offer appointments through online requests, and instant-booking online.

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