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Dental Care in Norwalk CT

A beautiful smile not only improves your appearance but also boosts your confidence and affection. Dental care keeps your teeth and your oral environment healthy and free of disease. There are many bacteria in the oral cavity, but they cause disease in poor oral hygiene. Norwalk Dentists make your dental care easy and accessible.

 dentist works with patient in the dental chair
Dr. Tal with a patient

Regular tooth brushing

Dental plaque increases the bacterial load in the oral cavity that’s the main disease-causing factor. Bad breath, gum bleeding, and poor dental aesthetic is the first step that indicating the progressing disease process. Initial dental care plays a pivotal role in disease-free oral health maintenance. A regular and proper tooth brushing prevents plaque deposition and protects your teeth from dental caries or dental diseases. Try to use a soft bristle brush with gentle brushing strokes. You can also ask your kids for brushing after the age of 2 years for healthy teeth and a perfect smile.

Precautionary dental visits

Dental care is easy with regular dental checkups. It is advisable to visit the dentist after 6 months and the first visit can be started after the initial eruption of teeth in kids. The dentist will help to rule out any sign of an underlying dental condition that can cause a serious problem with time. Our dentist at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk, CT provides a comfortable environment for their patients where you can discuss all dental concerns with our qualified and experienced staff.

Restoration of decayed teeth

Dental caries can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Immediate dental care can stop the decay process and also restore your tooth to an optimum level. Our dentists can restore the decayed teeth by restorative technique. A caries tooth can also entrap the food particles that can be used by dental bacteria as a source of nutrition. Restorative procures included dental filling or root canal therapy. You can also get a dental crown for additional tooth protection.

When to take a dentist appointment

For quality dental care mutual efforts are needed. Dental care from your end is necessary along with dentist consultation. If you have any dental pain, discomfort tooth, alignment problem, or unexplained dental discomfort you can call our dental office in Norwalk, CT at (203) 364-5084 and get a dental care appointment for urgent dental care. You will get all the restorative and cosmetic dentistry services from our trained dentists and dental workers.

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