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Dental Equipment in Norwalk CT

Here at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk CT we use the latest dental technology!

3D Scan Norwalk CT.jpg
3D Scan

This extra unit is a 3-dimensional digital scan for people that needs to get implants. We can exactly measure the amount of the bone and the thickness. We use ultra-low radiation dose. Patient safety is the first priority.

Nitrous Oxide Machine Norwalk CT.jpg
Nitrous Oxide Machine

The laughing gas makes easier to handle the patients with anxiety. We basically give a lot of nitrous to the kids that are anxious about dental treatment. They are afraid. People after getting the nitrous  feel more comfortable starting the procedure of dental treatment. It is safe and effective.


This is the CEREC unit. We prepare and scan the tooth and do one-day crowns, inlays and onlays. Patients basically get crowns on the same day.

Cerec Norwalk CT.jpg

This is a laser unit that we use for the gum contouring. With the laser, we help people who have some over growing teeth tissues. We trim the gums and make a nicer smile.

Laser for Gum Contouring Norwalk CT.jpg
The Milling Machine

This is the milling machine while we make one-day crowns we mill the crowns in the office. We scan with the CEREC and then we mill the crowns here.

The Milling Machine Norwalk CT.jpg
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