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When Do I Need Dentures?

Dentures are custom-made replacements for missing teeth that are natural-looking and removable.
Dentures are one of the most popular and simple treatment choices to restore a beautiful smile. They can replace all or some of the teeth.

When you are deciding if you need dentures and what solution may be the best fit for you, the only experienced dentist will be able to advise which denture type works best for your specific needs.

Advantages of the Dentures
  • Restore the function of your teeth

  • Cost effective

  • Improve your speech

  • Improve your appearance

  • Boosted your confidence

  • You can eat all kinds of food

  • Long-lasting.

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The Main Types of Dentures

Full – Complete dentures cover the jawbones and used when all of the natural teeth have been removed.

Partial - Partial dentures only cover selected place where permanent teeth have been removed.

The Denture Procedure Steps

1. Dental impressions and photos of your teeth
2. Extraction of teeth
3. Bite and wax molds
4. Fitting and placement of the dentures

Adjusting to new dentures can take some time since the individual is acclimating to a new tooth or set of teeth in the mouth. Fortunately, we can customize dentures to be a perfect fit to your mouth and make the adjustment process as easy as possible.

When you are looking for a competent dentist in Norwalk, CT, check out Advanced Dental Center. We are proud to offer different dental solutions for all our patients.

Don't wait - schedule a FREE consultation with one of our dentists in Norwalk CT today and get the smile of your dream tomorrow!
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