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Dentists in Norwalk

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Our patients are pleased that we provide an array of essential services for all ages here at Advanced Dental Center, PC. From the routine to the urgent, from kids to adults, you can depend on experienced, expert, gentle care from our dentists in Norwalk.

An initial oral examination that includes x-rays, a periodontal checkup, and a teeth cleaning  is where all valuable oral care starts. Prevention is a key, and our dentist in Norwalk is committed to keeping you from suffering the consequences of tooth decay and gum disease, including cavities, infections, and loss of vital tissue. Just one visit to our office every six months will keep you in a good position to maintain intact teeth and strong, healthy gums. We make use of the latest technology both to keep you comfortable and to ensure optimal outcomes. Among the options we make available are digital radiography, which exposes you to far less radiation; digital impressions that eliminate the mess and give our dentist in Norwalk more details and precision with which to work with. State-of-the-art also describes CEREC crowns, made in just one day instead of the usual method of making you return for a second visit. Other restorations, such as bridges, dentures, and dental implants are also offered. You can even restore many or even all the teeth on one jaw with all-on-4 or all-on-6. Skilled root canals and tooth extractions are performed, and for nervous patients we have sedation. You can also rely on us for Invisalign braces, periodontal treatments, cosmetic care such as teeth whitening and veneers, TMJ disorder treatment, solutions for sleep apnea, and much more.  

Our entire staff looks forward to helping you. Set up an appointment for yourself, or one for your child to get attentive pediatric treatment. Simply reach out to our office by clicking on the “book appointment” tab at the top of our website, or calling us.

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