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How Can I Fix My Teeth and Smile?

Smiling releases endorphins. A great smile makes you feel amazing and confident. Many people take dental care for granted until it’s too late. Unfortunately, many people perceive oral health and dental hygiene as a second priority. Regular visits to the dentist prevent a lot of oral problems. Dental hygiene is not just about cleaning your teeth, while flossing and brushing regularly are an excellent starting point, your diet plays an important part and can have a large impact on your oral health. Regular checkups with your hygienist can pick up early detection of sugar or acid attacks, they can educate you on how nutrition can affect your teeth and the simple changes that may be needed for prevention.

different choices how to fix your smile
The Dental Consultation with the Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Tal Yossefi

Modern dentistry offers many different choices on how to fix your smile:

  • Teeth whitening can give you a whiter and brighter smile and remove discoloration. Over time your teeth become yellow and stained, and a tooth whitening procedure makes them look attractive again.

  • Dental veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain that adhere to the front of your teeth. They are used to fix chipped, stained, or gapped teeth.

  • Crowns are a good option to cover teeth that are discolored, badly shaped, or damaged. Crowns can also be used to attach bridges, protect weak teeth from breaking or restore already broken ones.

  • Dental implants are permanent artificial teeth that come with a root and a crown. They improve the smile by replacing damaged or missing teeth. It is a very effective and long-term way to restore your smile.

  • The gum contouring procedure reshapes the gums by using a soft tissue laser to carefully remove the parts of the gum that make teeth look uneven or short. Gum contouring is used to fix a “gummy smile”.

  • Braces and Invisalign are used to straighten crooked or crowded teeth. They move your teeth and jaw into desired positions over time.

  • Cosmetic bonding can fix different small dental imperfections. The most common uses for cosmetic bonding are to fix small chips or cracks in teeth.

Our dental team at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk, CT is always happy to welcome new patients! We offer specialized dentistry with personalized care in an environment of excellence for everyone. Cosmetic dentistry, preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry, emergency dentistry, and children's dentistry are all under one roof.

Looking to change your smile?

Not sure where to start? It’s never too late to improve your smile. For more information and to make an appointment, please call Advanced Dental Center at (203) 364-5084 or contact us online.

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