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How To Manage a Dental Emergency When You’re Working Overseas

There is nothing worse than leaving for vacation thinking that you are lucky no one is sick and breathing a sigh of relief that you are well-prepared, only to wake up one morning with an excruciating toothache. Or worse, accidentally falling and chipping one of your teeth! According to the American Dental Association, dental emergencies often come when you least expect them, but with 20% of the population experiencing oral-dental trauma every year, emergencies are common and it pays to be prepared.

Always take steps to protect your teeth from injury and damage, especially when you are traveling, however, in case a dental emergency should arise, it’s important to contact a highly skilled dentist right away. If you’re working abroad, be prepared in case of a dental emergency and find an experienced professional who provides prompt, quality care for injuries, toothaches, infections and damage to your dental prostheses. You can get quick and qualified help at Advanced Dental Center, PC.

Be Proactive

If it’s been awhile since you last visited the dentist’s office, or if you know you have bad teeth, then make sure you visit professional dentist before a big trip overseas – especially if you plan on being out of the country for a prolonged period. Similarly, if your teeth have recently become sensitive to cold water and ice cream then take the time to ensure that everything is okay before whatever is ailing your teeth gets worse and becomes a full-fledged medical issue.

Visiting professional dentist every 6 months for teeth cleanings and checkups allows for the earliest detection and intervention of conditions that can compromise your oral health. Before you embark on any overseas travel, schedule a Free consultation at Advanced Dental Center, PC. Using advanced diagnostic imaging, professional dentists can detect the earliest signs of dental and periodontal disease, and provide treatment from the outset, before these conditions cause pain or irreversible damage. Professional dentist can also provide a customized mouthguard to help protect your teeth from injury while playing sports. Brushing, flossing and healthy lifestyle and nutritional habits are also important for maintaining excellent oral health.

Be Prepared For a Dental Emergency

Make sure you have everything you need to tie you over until you can see a professional dentist. This includes pain relievers, as well as your usual oral healthcare products including toothpaste, a toothbrush, mouthwash, and floss. This may seem simple enough, but if your tooth is decaying even a bit mouthwash may be able to provide some level of relief until you can see a professional dentist. Regardless of how well you prepare for an overseas trip, accidents and emergencies happen all the time. It is because of this that it is important to be prepared and to ensure that you are covered against accidents, illness, and emergencies of all kinds.

Your oral health is an important component of your overall health, and it is important to seek treatment for any type of oral pain right away. Don’t hesitate to contact Advanced Dental Center, PC, you can use our online appointment request form.

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