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Meet Our Dentist Dr.Tal Yossefi in Norwalk, CT

At Advanced Dental Center, PC, we want to make certain that you are comfortable and excited about your visit. The warm atmosphere at our clinic will immediately relax you before your consultation. Our knowledgeable dentists will educate you about the whole treatment procedure and clarify all your concerns. Being aware of the entire course of treatment will calm your nerves and put you at ease. The staff at Advanced Dental Center, PC is courteous and extremely cooperative; we make every possible effort to make you feel at home. We welcome you to learn more about our professional dentists so that you can feel at ease booking a time with the dental professional you want. We are incredibly proud that there is such a professional in our team as Dr. Tal Yossefi.

Dr. Tal Yossefi loves helping patients through his work, whether it’s providing cosmetic dental care or getting a patient out of pain so they can eat and smile comfortably. Dr. Tal Yossefi enjoys solving people’s various dental problems, from toothaches to not being able to chew food to not sleeping well to having a fear of dentists. Dr. Tal Yossefi welcomes patients of all walks of life into his dental practice, including children.

Instead of just helping patients achieve a beautiful smile, he focuses great detail on ensuring your jaw is functioning as it should be and that you’re breathing correctly.

Simply put, Dr. Tal Yossefi aims to bring harmony and balance to your smile while limiting extractions and improving the overall aesthetic of your appearance.

Dr. Tal Yossefi’s training in dental medicine and passion for performing the utmost professional and comprehensive treatment spanned on for more than two decades, starting abroad and continuing on in the U.S. As a young adult, being drawn to working with his hands, appreciation for beauty and with the desire to help mankind; he took a leap of faith and chose to be a dental technician. This position allowed him feel like he was drawing, sculpting and creating using his hands, intriguing him to diversify his knowledge by pursuing for doctor of dental medicine degree, he successfully graduated from a European dental school and began practicing as a dentist.

In 2007, Dr.Tal brought his family to the United States and eagerly earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the top rated University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He then completed his post graduate general residency program at the Jamaica Hospital in New York.

As a passionate and dedicated professional, Dr.Tal attends numerous continuing education courses each year to further his dental education and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques in the dental field. He is also an active member of the American Dental AssociationAcademy of General DentistryConnecticut State Dental Association and American Orthodontics association.

When he’s not enhancing patients’ smiles, Dr.Tal enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, swimming and biking.

Advanced Dental Center, PC is equipped with the latest in hi-tech dental equipment and our highly skilled and experienced dentists are dedicated to helping you maintain excellent oral health for a lifetime. We can help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted and the confidence you deserve, meet our professional dentists, just schedule a Free consultation at Advanced Dental Center, PC.

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