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My Invisalign Experience

My name is Melissa and I would like to tell you about my Invisalign treatment at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk, CT.

I became increasingly conscious about my smile, as my teeth moved further back year after year. Finally, I got tired of feeling my rogue teeth scraping the bottom of my tongue and booked an appointment at Advanced Dental Center.

When I came here the first time and wanted to straighten my teeth, after exploring all the options, we decided to choose Invisalign.

I was very self-conscious about the act of getting braces at 35 years old until I got my trays. They were really invisible! So invisible in fact, that no one ever noticed I wore braces.

My first week with Invisalign had been surprisingly good! Just a little discomfort. No pain, and the dental hygiene routine of brushing after every meal and wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day hadn’t really been that much of a struggle. Aligners are clear and invisible. They're made from smooth and comfortable plastic. I can eat and drink anything that I want. I got a treatment plan of 30 trays to change every week. I’m on tray 27 of 30 now.

I definitely see and feel the difference and I’m loving it. Even my smile looks different and better. My bottom front teeth are finally almost all in line, my top back molars are starting to widen, and my overbite is slowly disappearing. My Invisalign journey continues and I’m excited to see completely straight teeth soon!

I have gone from being self-conscious of my smile to being miss smiles-all-the-time. I’m amazed by the beautiful results so far. I see progress and can’t wait to finish my Invisalign treatment.


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