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Welcome Back! We Are Open in Norwalk, CT

Hello Our Dear Patients,

We hope that you and your family are well during this difficult time. We all share condolences with those who have lost friends or family to Covid-19. We will all be eternally grateful to our front line health care providers and essential workers for their heroic service.

We are proud to announce that we have met CDC, OSHA and American Dental Association requirements prior to reopening our dental office for routine dentistry. To insure safety and comfort for our patient we implemented the following:

- Hand Sanitizers offered in all areas including check in desk and treatment rooms.

- Preprocedural antibacterial mouth rinse (PPMR) provided to all patients prior to any procedure

- ULTRAHEPA HOSPITAL GRADE PURIFIERS added throughout all the office including all treatment rooms

- UVC lights with OZONE technology placed in treatment rooms and check in area.

- AEROSOL ELIMINATING SYSTEMS (EOS) added in treatment rooms to remove air contaminants.

- We have closed the waiting area and removed all magazines.

Now that we are open for elective procedures, here are some new protocols we have in place, to ensure your safety and the safety of others:

1. All patients who have an appointment, will have to answer a COVID-19 screening questionnaire before treatment.

2. All patients must wear masks at all times except of treatment rooms. We offer to all our patients to sterilize their masks and cellular device using the UVC and OZONE technology.

3. We will take your temperature at check in. If you do have a fever, we will cancel your appointment and ask you to call your physician.

4. All scheduled appointments will be given extra time and there will be only one appointment at a time with the Doctor in Norwalk, CT. This ensures that you do not bump into other patients in the office and maintains social distancing. This also allows us time to disinfect treatment rooms and make sure all common surfaces are wiped clean before you enter the office.

5. We ask that you do not bring any family members with you to the office. If you are bringing in your child, please do not bring your other children. We also ask that only one parent/guardian accompany their child.

6. All paperwork will be texted/emailed to you to fill out before your appointment. We encourage you to do this, as we are trying to not have several people touching our office iPad. We sanitize this after each use but it is always better if you fill out your forms on your own device.

7. All appointments must be confirmed in advance. This is because we have to do a lot of prep work to see patients at this time. We also have a long waitlist for procedures and are limited to the number of people that can be seen in the office at a certain time. We, therefore, ask to please confirm your appointment via text phone. Please do not reschedule at the last minute or not show for your appointment as you would be wasting the providers important time that could have been used to get another patient healthy.

8. Lastly, remember dental health is part of overall health. If you have unhealthy teeth and gums, it will put you at a higher risk of getting other viral and bacterial infections. So please do not ignore your dental health. We are here 24/7 to help you and answer your questions.

As an added BONUS, we successfully launched our IN HOUSE MEMBERSHIP PLANS for our uninsured patient please contact us for more information.

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Advanced Dental Center, PC

454 Main Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06851

Tel: 203-849-1776


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