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Why is a Dental Crown important after Root Canal Treatment?

A Root Canal is a very common dental procedure that is used now a day by dental practitioners to make teeth pain free. But it’s not the only final step that is enough for the longevity of your teeth. The next suggested step after the Root canal is Dental Crowning.

A Dental Crown is a covering around your tooth that protects your tooth from mastication stress, staining, and many more. It gives your teeth a natural look and also aids in tooth esthetics. So, now we will let you know why a dental crown is important after Root Canal Treatment.

Brittleness of tooth

During the root canal treatment dentist opens the chamber of the tooth and removes the infected material called pulp along with its all blood supply. The basic purpose of pulp is to nourish the tooth and after its removal, the tooth becomes nob vital and loses its resilience. So, a root canal treated tooth is more brittle and it needs a Dental Crown to withstand daily chewing forces. That’s why dentists in Norwalk, CT recommends a Dental Crown after a Root Canal procedure.

Extensive Loss of tooth structure

Mostly tooth presented for a root canal was extensively caries teeth called Grossly caries and for treatment purpose dentists have to remove caries which lead to the loss of most of the tooth structure. So, maintaining the basic tooth shape Dental Crown is very necessary after a Root canal.

For Tooth Esthetic

Root canal treatment is also done for traumatic and infective teeth that undergo pulp death called pulp Necrosis. Pulp death is the major cause of the black hue in the tooth or dental staining. So, after the Root canal, a Dental Crown is very important for tooth esthetics and masks the dental staining.

Prevent Reinfection of tooth

After root canal treatment a perfect coronal seal is required that not only prevent the food packing but also stop the invasion of disease-causing bacteria that can cause reinfection of the tooth. The poor seal provides a continuous pathway to bacterial entry to tooth structure and plaque formation. So, the dentists in Norwalk, CT highly suggest the dental crown after the root canal.

Avoid Root Fracture

A Dental Crown after the Root Canal also prevents the tooth from root fracture. Studies suggest that after root canal treatment vertical root fracture is very common and it’s also one of the main reasons for endodontic failure. So, dentists highly advised the Dental Crown after the Root canal.

New researches on root canal treatment also provide the shreds of evidence and the role of Dental Crown in the success of the root canal. If you want the long-time survival of your endodontic treated tooth than Advance Dental Center in Norwalk, CT highly advised you to use a Dental Crown after your Root Canal Treatment.

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