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Have a Smile-Friendly Thanksgiving!

The staff at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk CT wants to take a moment to wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for you. And, we look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

Make sure you keep your mouth healthy and give thanks for your teeth! Stay healthy this weekend!

Here are some dental tips to keep your teeth safe while celebrating:

· Limit your sweet and sticky food to avoid dental issues on these holidays

· Eat turkey! Phosphorus aids in tooth development.

· Rich in phosphorus, turkey helps keep your teeth healthy as calcium combines with phosphorus and vitamin D to produce teeth and bones.

· Eat a lot of fiber-rich vegetables, including sweet potatoes, because they help clean your mouth. They act as a detergent in your mouth and also stimulate saliva.

· Dairy helps strengthen teeth. The calcium in dairy products helps strengthen teeth, and cheese helps stimulate saliva, which helps keep your mouth clean.

· Even if you go to a friend or family member’s home, make sure you bring a toothbrush and floss. About thirty minutes after you’re finished eating (so that your teeth have time to produce important protective minerals), quickly go to the bathroom to brush and floss.

Share these tips with friends and family and have a safe and happy holiday!

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