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How to Repair Front Chipped Tooth

Broken and the chipped tooth is very common. A sudden fall or biting on a hard object can break your tooth edge. The tooth is covered by dental enamel, and it's one of the hardest tissues of the body. But any sudden accident can damage it. A chipped tooth, especially in front, badly affects the aesthetic. It can also lead to other serious dental consequences if not treated on time. Dentists in Norwalk CT will guide you about the best way to Repair Front Chipped Tooth.

Composite filling

The filling of the chipped end is the best way to repair the chipped tooth. A tooth-colored filling material like light-cured dental composite will build up the missing chipped edge. It gives the replacement of enamel, and the whole procedure is also called Bonding. It is a cheap and easy procedure. Only one dental visit is enough for bonding. So, it can save you time. Most of the teeth treated by bonding work well without any potential problem.

Dental veneers

Veneers are the thin covering on the front surface of the tooth. This procedure gives the best aesthetic results. The material used for veneers is a tooth-colored that gives the natural appearance of the chipped tooth. The Norwalk Dentist provides you well-customizing veneers according to your tooth’s shape and size. Veneers can also place on more than on chipped teeth, adjacent to each other. The material used for veneers is composite or dental porcelain. They can bear the masticatory forces well without breakage.

Dental crown

A dental crown is a tooth-colored covering around the tooth. It is a hard, shell-like covering around your tooth. Tooth preparation is required for crowning. Chipped teeth can also be repaired by the dental crown. It provides a strong covering of the tooth and lowers the chances of further damage to the tooth. Dentists at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk CT give you the best fitting dental crown for your chipped teeth repaired.

pointed finger to chipped front tooth
Chipped Front Tooth

The treatment of front chipped teeth solely depends upon the size and impact of the damage. Our dentists will recommend which treatment option is best for your chipped teeth repair. Immediate dental visits after the trauma will increase the success rate of treatment. If you want any dental assistance related to your chipped teeth repair please get an appointment at Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk CT for getting back your smile.

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