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What Will Happen If I Don't Do The Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is the most suggestive Endo procedure for caries and infected teeth. The root canal procedure is used to remove the infectious dental substance known as pulp from the tooth. The dental pulp can be contaminated by dental caries, fractures, or other dental trauma. The involvement of pulp initiates the pain and other sign of inflammation. But sometimes the patient doesn’t feel any pain or doesn’t have time to look at a dentist. The other reasons for delay the root canal treatment can be lack of dental awareness and the cost of the treatment. The consequences of delaying root canal treatment could be severe and have long-term effects. Our professional dentists in Norwalk CT can help you avoid the harm of late root canal treatment.

 ​Why Do I Need a Root Canal Therapy

Discomfort and pain

Delay in therapy can cause a severe inflammatory reaction or abscess formation. A dental abscess is the accumulation of infected bacteria below the root of affected teeth. The abscess causes fever, loss of appetite, and heaviness in the jaw. The abscess needed drainage along with the root canal treatment. It's more expensive and time taking than initial dental treatment.

Spared of infection

Untreated dental infection can spread the other structures of the face and neck. The involvement of facial tissue can complicate dental treatment and affects oral and systemic health. In severe cases, the dental infection can involve the brain and neck that can lead to difficulty in breathing or even death of patients. The tooth infection can also involve the bone and the condition called osteomyelitis. It’s a dental emergency and a painful condition. Norwalk Dentists advise you of an immediate dental visit to avoid further complications.

Sinus formation

Sinus is the extraoral opening due to infectious or untreated dental infection. The dental bacteria grow and infect the bone or oral tissue and erosion causes the formation of opening. Pus can drain to the sinus that needs immediate dental care.

Tooth loss

Long-lasting dental decay can lead to tooth loss. If the dental infection involves the root furcation area it will be difficult to restore. The only treatment option will be dental extraction. The patient now needs an artificial dental replacement that is more time taking and expensive than a root canal treatment.

Early root canal therapy may help to avoid the damaging consequences of infection spread. It will be more cost-effective and convenient for the patient. Don’t wait anymore and visit Advanced Dental Center in Norwalk CT for the best root canal treatment to restore your smile. Call our dental clinic at (203) 364-5084 or contact us online.

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